New artificial, fixed teeth and jaw after treatment of Black fungus (mucormycosis) of jaw at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur, India by Dr Sankalp Mittal.

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May 9, 2021
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October 24, 2021

New artificial, fixed teeth and jaw after treatment of Black fungus (mucormycosis) of jaw at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur, India by Dr Sankalp Mittal.

Black fungus (mucormycosis) of mouth, jaws and teeth leads to removal of many or all teeth along with jaw bone. This surgery is necessary to save the patient from dangerous spread of Black fungus (mucormycosis) to eye or brain. But though removal of teeth and jaw bone can save the life of patient , but it left the patient in a miserable condition. Patient is not only unable to eat properly , but also he losses his facial appearance. These defects can be treated easily by dental implants and artificial fixed teeth and jaws. Here is a same type of case report, in which a 45 year old gentleman lost his left half of upper jaw due to Black fungus (mucormycosis). He has a communication from his mouth to nose ( oro antral communication) , so whatever he used to take in mouth , used to come out through nose. His upper face and lip was depressed and he was very unhappy with his condition. When he came to us, on examination, we realized that fortunately his cheek bones (zygomatic bone) were healthy and we can give him a fixed replacement of his teeth and jaw bone on Zygomatic implants and Pterygoid imlants. Patient was very excited to learn this and after a surgery to place implants and after few visits for prosthetic work , finally the day arrived when we delivered him fixed teeth and jaw on two zygomatic and one Pterygoid implants along with one front nasa implant. It gave us immense satisfaction to see that patient again smiling and eating what he wanted rather than what he could.

Left jaw bone and teeth absent following surgery of Black fungus (mucormycosis) and there is an Oro antral communication (mouth to nose)

Four dental implants were placed ( one in front in nose bone, two in middle in zygomatic or cheek bone and one in back in Pterygoid bone)
New, life like, artificial teeth, screwed on implants
Not only teeth but gums and jaw bone was also replaced
U can compare the change in patient’s condition, after the placement of fixed new teeth and jaws on zygomatic implants

So now u can understand that how zygomatic and other dental implants can.change the life of patient who has suffered from jaw bone removal ( Maxillectomy) due to treatment of Black fungus(mucormycosis). These cases are routine and regularly done at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur, India.

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  1. Madhvi Saini says:

    We r also facing same problem my father lost palate and upper jaw bone nad all upper teeth due to black fungus. Now he is unable to eat and talk