Case Study

Odontome and Deep Impaction

A case of indirect maxillary sinus lift done at Mittal dental clinic, Jaipur.. Maxillary sinus lift is done when bone height in upper jaw is less than desired to place an dental implant. So Maxillary sinus lining is lifted without breaking it and artificial bone grafting material is placed below the lifted Maxillary sinus lining. Gradually with time this artificial bone is replaced by original bone.

Decayed tooth, decided to go for extraction and same time dental implant placement. also known as immediate implant placement.
X ray of tooth, showing less bone to place implant. planned to perform Indirect sinus lift
Tooth removed, without damaging gums and bone known as atraumatic extraction.
X ray after removal of tooth, showing less bone to place implant, so decided to perform Indirect sinus lift
Drilling in the center of the tooth socket, to place implant. Taking care not to damage Maxillary sinus lining.
Artificial bone graft filled in the drilled hole, this bone will lift the membrane
Dental implant placed, bone graft pushed upwards to lift the sinus lining
X ray of dental implant, tip of implant is surrounded by artificial bone graft, this is known as Indirect Sinus lift
X ray after few months, artificial bone is replaced by natural bone after a successful Indirect sinus lift