Treatment of a tooth with repeated gum infection and swelling due to vertical split fracture of tooth at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur, India.

Front tooth dental implant and new tooth immediately, same day, same sitting at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur
May 6, 2021
New artificial, fixed teeth and jaw after treatment of Black fungus (mucormycosis) of jaw at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur, India by Dr Sankalp Mittal.
June 15, 2021

Treatment of a tooth with repeated gum infection and swelling due to vertical split fracture of tooth at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur, India.

This gentleman presented with a lower back tooth , i.e. molar tooth with pain and swelling over adjacent gums. He said that this happened for first time around 6 months back, and since than whenever he takes antibiotics it subsides for few days and than it appears again. He had mild pain in chewing also from that side. He informed that he is habitual of Pan masala (betel nut) chewing. His x ray was taken , and unfortunately it was found that due to vertical split of that tooth, it was decayed upto its roots, and now it was not possible to save this tooth. Looking at the disappointment of the patient, a possibility of immediate replacement was considered and finally patient was informed that this tooth will be removed, and in the same sitting a dental implant will be placed and same time a temporary fixed new tooth on dental implant will be given. Patient was satisfied and happy with this treatment plan.

Immediate Implant and Immediate Loading: The diseased tooth was extracted, in same extraction socket a dental implant (Nobel biocare active) was placed and a immediate temporary crown was given on the same implant. There was no cut or no stitches.

Patinet was discharged, with new tooth. There was no restrictions regarding food. After three months, when sufficient bone formed around dental implant, a permanent full ceramic crown was placed on dental implant at Mittal Dental Clinic Jaipur ,India.

Molar tooth with vertical fracture and gum infection
X Ray of tooth showing infection upto bone due to vertical fracture
atraumatic extraction of tooth
Dental implant ( Nobel Biocare Active) placed, immediately
immediate temporary crown placed over dental implant
X ray after placement of dental implant
Beautiful healing under temporary crown after three months
Digital impressions for permanent crown with 3shape intra oral scanner and scan body.
Digital ( CAD CAM) fabrication of crown in lab
Digitally made, screw retained ceramic crown, on 3 D printed dental model
New, permanent, ceramic crown on dental implant
Life like artificial tooth on dental implant and healthy gums
X ray, showing complete bone formation around dental implant , even at top of its edges. This can be attributed to unique Tiunite surface of Nobel biocare Active implant.
Tooth removal and immediate implant with crown placement maintains the bone volume and gum architecture. Leading to beautiful and most stable results.
Digital impressions with world’s best 3 shape scanner and digitally fabrication give precise fitting of new crown as well as beautiful appearance.
enormous and good bone formation around dental implant can be seen on sequential X rays.

so u can understand that if unfortunately you have to undergo removal of tooth, that tooth can be replaced with new crown on dental implant. Same day, same sitting! Dr Sankalp mittal calls it ” Now philosophy ” that is extraction now, implant now and new tooth also now! It saved multiple visits to us, and maintain the original bone volume of jaw.

There is no cut , no stitches , no pain , no swelling.

This treatment of dental implant cost usually ranges from 35000 INR to 65000 INR at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur , India .

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