How safe is Dental treatment during this CORONA / COVID-19 pandemic????

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August 27, 2020
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September 14, 2020

How safe is Dental treatment during this CORONA / COVID-19 pandemic????

In these turbulent times, everyone is struggling with heightened levels of stress and apprehension. With the cooperation of our patients and staff, we strive to make our clinic a protective place. Our goal is to provide you and your family healthy, safe and beautiful smiles. Within the premises of our clinic you can rest assured that we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure you and your family’s safety.

We adhere to the strictest safety protocols to protect ourselves and our patients from infection. We do not adjust our protocols for patients unwilling to do their part to ensure their safety and ours.

Number of thoughts run through our mind before going to a clinic during these pandemic times.

We totally understand your concern and fear. But rest assured you and your family is completely safe from CORONA/COVID-19 at our place, MITTAL DENTAL CLINIC.

We are following number of sterilization protocols under the guidance of Dr. Sankalp Mittal to keep you all safe.

Is there any chance of CORONA/COVID-19 infection at reception area of dental clinic???


United we stand…. six feet apart. While we love the hustle of a busy dental clinic, we will be spacing appointments to avoid crowding. Also we have made some amends in our reception. We make sure that only a single patient stands at reception at a time. We may even ask you to wait in your car if there are certain numbers of patients in lobby. Don’t worry we will give you a call when it’s safe to come in. But that situation need not come only because we have a very spacious clinic set up in an 1800 square feet area. So even with number of patients in clinic you will be able to sit at distance apart.

Also there is no chance that you catch infection from our receptionist because he/she will always be wearing mask n gloves.

If you are a high risk patient , that is, if you are more than 65 year old, or if u have diabetes, hypertension or other diseases, you can request for a separate , isolated waiting area. An Isolated waiting area has been designed in main clinic to serve most vulnerable patients, to prevent them from corona infection while waiting in dental clinic.


We have two doors and several windows in the reception area along with multiple exhaust and fully functional ACs and air purifier which keep circulating the air properly making it very less prone for infection transmission.

Is there any chance of CORONA/COVID-19 infection from other patients & staff in dental clinic???


We at Mittal dental clinic, are checking to see if our patients and staff are healthy with a few questions and a temperature and oxygen saturation check every day, at every visit. Sounds a bit extreme to you???? You are right, but extreme is good when it comes to patient safety and health.

Seeing the pandemic most of the patients appointed by us are known to us from years and thereby we are certain that they will provide us honest history and won’t hide any relevant information regarding CORONA/COVID-19 infection from us.


Mittal dental clinic , Jaipur has a total of 5 dental chairs placed in separate rooms. Thus, avoiding any infection transmission from the patient getting treated in the adjacent dental chair. Also all the chambers are well ventilated with exhaust fans and fully functional ACs which keep on circulating the air.

Is there any chance of CORONA/COVID-19 infection from my dentist???

Mittal dental clinic, Jaipur has a team of 5 full time dentists with us, always ready to serve you. Therefore, there is a very small probability that any one dentist is seeing every patient. So your dentist is also not coming in contact with all the patients visiting the clinic. Also to make sure that no infection is transmitted to our patients via us we are changing PPE after every patient.


Virtual appointment is now available from your phone, tablet or pc. The dentist will see you now….even in your pajamas at home. You can call and discuss your problem with us over phone and can get a temporary treatment for your situation in case you cannot visit us.

Is there any chance of CORONA/COVID-19 infection via dental instruments used in mouth???
Is there any chance of CORONA/COVID-19 infection if I sit on same dental chair used by another patient???


Spray, scrub, wipe repeat. It’s our new favorite music Mittal dental clinic has always been committed to the highest safety standards, but now deep cleaning is done before, during and after visits even in the lobby. All the dental chairs are meticulously cleaned using D256 & D125 Microgen solution and hydrogen peroxide to kill all bacterias and viuses including corona virus before you are asked to sit on the dental chair and as soon as you leave. Our staff is always geared up and ready to sanitize equipment, chairs, tables, door handles, countertops etc. several times a day. And we don’t stop there. We are thoroughly disinfecting the whole clinic via fogging and UV lights before opening the dental clinic and at the end of the day. That’s not all. PPE (masks, gloves, head caps, gowns & face shields) is worn by everyone in the team (dentists & the assisting staff). Even patients get to take part by keeping their masks on at all times except when on the dental chair and by doing a good disinfecting rinse before and after care.

Dedicated, Isolated dental set up:

There are certain patients who are highly prone to get CORONA/COVID-19 infection during dental clinic visit. These are patients who are above 65 years, or those who have diabetes, hypertension, kidney or liver problems , cancer patients and similarly many physically weak patients. For these patients we have made a isolated dental setup, dedicated to critical patients only. This setup is on another floor from routine clinic, where entry is strictly restricted. Only a single patient with one attendant is allowed on that floor at a given time. No other patient or person is allowed until treatment of first patient is completed and until first patient leaves. There is no or zero waiting time for these patients and one doctor and one assistant will be waiting for you before your arrival at scheduled time. This setup is equipped with state of the art dental equipment’s to treat you in minimum visits. And moreover this chamber is fully equipped to give primary care for any medical emergency. This entire floor along with dental setup is completely sanitized three times a day apart from sanitization of dental setup after each patient.

So if you feel, you or any of your family member need such exclusive dental care, u can book an appointment for that at a reasonable extra cost.

So you need not to think twice before visiting us at MITTAL DENTAL CLINIC for your dental problem, even in these CORONA/COVID-19 times, because we are completely prepared and well equipped to treat you safely.

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