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August 25, 2020
How safe is Dental treatment during this CORONA / COVID-19 pandemic????
September 2, 2020

Root canal treatment (RCT) at MITTAL DENTAL CLINIC, JAIPUR

You must have often heard about RCT of a tooth!

What does the word mean? Root canal treatment is the treatment of an infected tooth. When your tooth has a cavity, and when the cavity is deep enough reaching up to the nerves of the tooth, the cavity forming bacteria’s infects the nerves leading to either sensitivity to hot and cold or pain on chewing. RCT is meant to alleviate pain and to save the tooth from further damage.

We at MITTAL DENTAL CLINIC, JAIPUR thoroughly clean the canals which are present in the roots of tooth by the help of special, SINGLE USE, cleaning instruments (Endodontic instruments). It’s cleaned so meticulously, that you get immediate relief from the pain.

What if we delay RCT and try to manage with painkillers and antibiotics alone???

Or can antibiotics alone treat a decayed tooth???

If left untreated an infected tooth condition becomes more severe and further infects the surrounding   tissue. No antibiotics can cure an infected tooth. Why?? Because an infected tooth loses its blood supply, and whatever antibiotics you take, it cannot reach inside the tooth and thus can't kill the bacteria’s inside the tooth. So you only get a temporary relief from pain because infection outside the tooth is controlled but it recurs when we stop antibiotics. Bacteria from tooth again come out in bone and again forms pus and cause pain. So only way to remove bacteria from tooth is to clean it mechanically. And this cleaning is known as RCT.

Is RCT Painful???

NOT AT ALL!!!!  At our place MITTAL DENTAL CLINIC, JAIPUR, we make it sure that you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. We promise you a completely painless RCT experience. There are so many measures taken by us to make the treatment painless. Starting from use of local anesthesia sprays, gels, imported high grade local anesthesia system to computer controlled local anesthesia delivery system. So come and get your painless root canal done. Even if the procedure sounds unpleasant (trust us it’s not) & one should definitely go for it and prevent the natural tooth rather than worsening it to the extent where the only option left with us is extraction and its replacement by an artificial one.

When does a tooth need RCT???

There can be several reasons for it which includes tooth decay or tooth cavity, trauma to the tooth, recent dental treatment, failed root canals, cracks and chips in the tooth. Whenever you have pain in tooth it most probably needs RCT. Pain can be there while chewing or it can be spontaneous, or it could be sensitivity to hot and cold.

Can a painless tooth need RCT??

Yes! Quite often! If it’s a slow infection or your body's immunity is strong than the decay of tooth continue without pain and may represent as a small bump on the gums near the infected tooth or darkening of decayed/infected tooth. These conditions also may need rct.

Why does a tooth need CAP/CROWN after RCT??

Yes we place cap or crown over tooth after RCT to prevent fracture of tooth in future due to its weakness post RCT. Another advantage of putting crown is that crown gives back original shape and size to the tooth. Types of crowns here at our place Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur are Digital caps (crowns) which are CAD CAM made full ceramic/FCZ/Zirconia crowns or Metal ceramic caps (crowns) which has metal inside and ceramic outside and are hand made

Is RCT costly???

Your each tooth is an organ. They are as important as other organs of body. And like others it also cannot be regrown. Once lost you have to get it replaced with an artificial one. And any form of replacement will have its own cost. So if at a certain cost we can save the natural tooth, it should not be considered costly.

Is it safe to get RCT done during COVID pandemic time???

Yes, at our place Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur it is completely safe to get your RCT done to alleviate your pain. We understand your concern and fear for getting your treatment done during these COVID times. But we cannot delay RCT as mentioned earlier. Also we make sure to provide you not only a painless but a safe environment here. We are following a very strict sterilization protocol here along with single use endodontic instruments used during RCT. 

So yes, it is completely safe for you to get your RCT done during this COVID pandemic.


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