INVISALIGN, clear aligners in Jaipur at Mittal Dental Clinic. Facts that will change your thoughts and than smile!

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January 12, 2021
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INVISALIGN, clear aligners in Jaipur at Mittal Dental Clinic. Facts that will change your thoughts and than smile!

Invisalign ! World’s most effective and popular clear aligners

What is Invisalign ?

Invisalign is virtually invisible and hygienic orthodontic treatment that uses an innovative approach to effectively straighten teeth.

The Invisalign System uses a series of custom-made removable aligners created for you and only you. These aligners are made of a virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth to gradually move them to the ideal position.

Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them, allowing you to keep your lifestyle during treatment.

IInvisalign are clear plastic trays which are invisible virtually

How Invisalign works? Can Invisalign straighten my teeth without braces?

We at Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur take photos, X-rays, and and a digital scan of your teeth. These records will be used to make a 3D treatment plan, referred to as the ClinCheck treatment plan, which will be used to design the custom-made Invisalign aligners.

This 3D treatment plan will also show your likely final tooth position at the end of the treatment .Before the treatment starts!! So you can discuss with us about the tentative results and can also discuss in your family

Your custom-made Invisalign aligners will be produced and we give you a series of aligners.You will replace each one approximately every 1 to 2 weeks until the final position of your teeth is reached.

Invisalign is custom made for you!

Why Invisalign is better than Braces? What are the advantages of Invisalign over Braces?

Invisalign are virtually invisible!

Upto 50% Faster results than braces!

Invisalign is much faster than normal braces!

Invisalign don’t hurts , there is no metal in it!

No need to visit doctor frequently! Saves patients and family members time and efforts! No need to take off from classes or tuitions or sports! No need to come early from office to take your child to dentist!

No emergencies, like wire poking in cheeks or gums,or braces getting detached from teeth! You buy not only aligners but also peace of mind!

Look at your treatment results before starting the treatment, get that on record , you now know what you are going to get! And you can always discuss the possibilities with your doctor!

Eat what you want! Just remove aligners and bite! No fear now my dear . And as a parents no more sad moments at parties looking at your child who is missing his favorite food due to braces!

Absolutely Hygienic! Remove it, wash it, fix it again. No more worries about popcorn shining through braces and wire! No risk of developing cavities later on.

More control on teeth movements than braces! What can not be achieved with braces can be achieved easily with Invisalign. And its proven.

Invisalign is for today’s Generation, always ask for the best

How frequently you have to visit us?

Once in 2 to 3 months or you can send pictures of your teeth in a predetermined fashion to assess the progress of treatment.

For how long you have to wear an Invisalign aligner in a day?

For 20 to 22 hours a day! You can remove it while having food or while playing sports !

How much does the Invisalign cost? Or cost of Invisalign treatment in Jaipur at Mittal Dental Clinic

Total Invisalign treatment cost ranges from 1,00,000 INR to 4,00,000 INR. It varies according to the complexity of case,whether one dental arch is treated or both, total number of aligners needed and many other factors! Exact cost will be informed to you once your 3D treatment plan comes and you and your family approve that plan

Flaunt your treatment! Enjoy your Invisalign!

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