Dental implant treatment for new fixed teeth in Jaipur, India at Mittal Dental Clinic

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February 16, 2022
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July 8, 2023

Dental implant treatment for new fixed teeth in Jaipur, India at Mittal Dental Clinic

Dental implants are becoming popular as a treatment choice for getting replacement of missing or damaged teeth. Now a days Dental implants techniques have become so advanced that patinets can get new, fixed teeth on dental implants with in few days. Mittal Dental Clinic, Jaipur is a dedicated center for dental implants, since last 20 years, and we are proud to serve thousands of satisfied patients.

This is a case report of a middle aged patient who lost all his lower teeth and many of his upper teeth due to diabetes. And his remaining upper teeth were also shaking, moving and painful. He was no able to bite anything solid and it was not looking good also.

When he came to Mittal dental clinic, Jaipur , we gave him two options: first is removal of all remaining teeth and a removable denture or second is removal of all remaining teeth and immediate nee fixed teeth on dental implants. Obviously he opted for second options , for new fixed teeth on dental implants.

Patinet had lost all lower teeth , and upper teeth were also mobile
unhealthy upper teeth
Opg X ray before treatment

because the patient had limited bone in the back areas of upper jaw, it was difficult to place dental implant in that area. We had two options, first is to make new bone in that are by bone grafting (sinus lift) and than wait for few months, than place implant in that new bone ! Problemnwith this approach was it these a very long time to make new bone , and still there is no certainty that a good amount of bone will form! Sinus lift or bone grafting need lot of bone grafting material which is very costly also.

another approach to this problem was to avoid bone grafting and place a special implant, known as Zygomatic implant. This is a long implant which is fixed in cheek (Zygomatic) bone and it can be used to give immediate new teeth. That way we could shorten the treatment time and can avoid bone grafting.

since patient wanted to have full set of teeth, he needed dental implant support in upper wisdom tooth area also. But again bone was very least in that area. So we used another special implant in that area, ie Pterygoid implants. It’s a implant and a technique, mastered by very few, placed in the very back corners of upper jaw to give new , fixed teeth immediately.

Mittal dental clinic, Jaipur is one of the Pioneer center for Zygomatic implants and Pterygoid implants in India. We are doing Zygomatic implants in India since 2007.

So we decided to place 8 dental implants in upper jaw (Maxilla), including two Zygomatic implants and two Pterygoid implants and 6 implants in lower jaw (mandible) following a technique known as ” All on six”

After implants OPG x ray showing upper Zygomatic and Pterygoid implants and lower “all on six”
Dental implants placed

and after dental implant placement we decided to give him beautiful ceramic teeth. One of the speciality of our new teeth is , we fix these new teeth on implants with the help of small screws , not by cement. That is new teeth are ” screw retained”. The biggest advantage is that we can just unscrew the teeth from implant in case of any repair or maintenance is needed in future. Contrast to ” screw retained” teeth , cemented teeth can not be removed, they have to be cut in pieces before removing to avoid damage to implant

Beautiful new lower teeth in ceramic
New fixed teeth on dental implants
U can appreciate the holes through which these teeth were fixed to implants by small screws
Final X ray showing beautifully placed implants including Zygomatic implants ( the longer ones)

so with the help of Zygomatic and other dental implants we were able to give new , fixed teeth to this patinet. Now not only he can eat properly but his self esteem is also restored. He is very happy with treatment.

Total treatment time for this patinet was 12ndays. Depending on the complexity of case time period for full mouth dental implants may range from few days to 4 months

This treatment usually costs between 4 lacks to 12 lacks , again depending on complexity of case, No. and type of dental implants and type of new teeth ( screw retained or cement retained).

Before implants and after new teeth on implants

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